Restaurants in the Apulia

Masseria Madonna dell'Arco


From the lands and from the rearings that surround the ancient walls of this ancient masseria in the Apulia, comes almost all the ingredients that are used in our cooking, that proposes the most excellent traditional dishes.

The restaurant hosted into our masseria offers a lot of different dishes, made with vegetables, such as the so appreciated fava bean and chicory but also dairy products, cheeses, cold cuts and many different dishes meat-based.

Our chef, thanks to wise and innovative experiments, often succeeds in making ancient recipes modern, enriching them with a contemporary touch.

A big room, also suitable for receptions, and other spaces, with a country and rustic style, are the perfect frame to live unforgettable moments with the most beloved ones.

The Room

In our restaurant's welcoming rooms it is possible to taste genuine, excellent fresh meat, cold cuts, olive oil, bread, preserves, vegetables and everything else that directly come from our masseria's rearings and fields.
Our Land's products

Cooking & Specialities

Into our masseria is also hosted a shop, where our Guests can buy everything come from our land: dairy products, cheeses, daily worked into our cheese factory, cold cuts and the excellent bovine and pork meats...

The artisan working, the use of products grown at home, the rigid respect of safety standards, are a guarantee for an absolute quality, that also includes wine and olive oil, that is extracted by the wonderful century-old trees that frame the white walls of our large farm.