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Madonna dell’Arco farm is well-known for its animal herds. Horses and donkeys, pigs, sheep and cows graze freely on the pasture, on the Mediterranean scrub, in the oak woodland and among olive trees. The healthy diet and the freedom enjoyed by the animals, is the best guarantee for the quality of the meat and of the milk. The meat is eaten fresh (we suggest you taste the “tagliata” beef and the sausages “a punta di coltello” cooked on the grill made by using oak and olive wood), or processed and transformed into those delicious courses that have allowed the Murgia of Trulli to gain a solid reputation among the lovers of good food and Mediterranean flavors. We also offer several kind of sausages among which stands out the famous “Capocollo Martinese”, which is a salami made respecting strict rules, such as the breed of pigs, their diet, the processes, the smoking process which is carried out exclusively with oak wood, and finally the ageing.

In our modern barns the milking is done with modern and safe systems, the fresh milk, without the wasted time of transport to other places often far away, immediately arrives at the dairy farm to be turned into those dairy products (mozzarella, burratine, scamorza cheese fresh and aged, cheese, etc. .) which are the best products (which are the pride) of Madonna dell’Arco farm.

It is common for our guests, during the day trip or a walking on the farm estate, to meet the animals grazing or dozing in the shade of olive and oak trees, satisfying the curiosity and entertaining children.